Information Systems Analyst Exam

Learning Outcomes Assessment for Colleges and Universities

Certified Information Systems Analyst Credential available to students who successfully pass the exam

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Exam Contents:

IS2010 - Part 1 (ISC) Exam

0.0.0 IS2010 Part 1

1.0.0 Foundations of Information Systems

        1.1.0 Information Systems in Organizations

        1.2.0 Valuing Information Systems

        1.3.0 Information Systems Components and Infrastructur

        1.4.0 Facilities, Services and Organizational Models

        1.5.0 Systems Development and Acquisition

        1.6.0 The Internet and World Wide Web

        1.7.0 Security of Information Systems

        1.8.0 Business Intelligence

        1.9.0 Globalization

 2.0.0 Data & Information Management

        2.1.0 Database Approach

        2.2.0 Data Modeling

        2.3.0 Database Languages

        2.4.0 Data and Database Administration

        2.5.0 Transaction Processing

        2.6.0 Data / Information Architecture

        2.7.0 Data Security Management

        2.8.0 Data Quality Management

6.0.0 Systems Analysis & Design

        6.1.0 Business Process Management

        6.2.0 Structuring of IT-based Opportunities into Projects

        6.3.0 Analysis and Specification of System Requirements

        6.4.0 Implementation Strategies

        6.5.0 Design and Analysis