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This is a sample CBIP examination to help a person prepare for the CBIP single exam.

It covers: 

1.     Data Foundations and Data Literacy

a.     Data Types, Information & Knowledge Management

b.     Evolving Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Tools & Technologies

c.     Data Storage Technologies and purposes

d.     Roles in Data Management

2.     Business, Information Systems (IS) and Data Management

a.     Business Organization and Operations

b.     The Role of IS in the Organization

c.     Business Drivers for Information Systems

d.     Business & IT Relationship

e.     Information Systems Technology Architecture Components

3.     Business Analytics, Data Science & Machine Learning

a.     Market changes and business requirements for analytics

b.     Knowledge organization and representation

c.     Data classification, representation & relationships between data

d.     Data Science, Statistics and, Mathematics

e.     Machine Learning and AI

4.     Data Visualization & Reporting

a.     Data Visualization, Dashboarding and Analytics

b.     Data Collection, Cleaning and Transformation - preprocessing

c.     Data Integration

d.     Best practices aimed at effective communication of data insights

e.     Productivity Tools

5.     Data Product

a.     Dataset

b.     Value Metrics

c.     Governance

d.     Compliance

e.     User Base

f.       Delivery

This is a data communications and internetworking Sample Exam

It covers both current and existing installed technologies

This sample exam covers the Data & Information Quality exam.

You can run the sample exam many times to prepare for the actual exam.

This Sample examination for Data Management covers the entire range of data exams.

You can run the exam many times to improve your chances of passing the DM exam.

This sample exam allows you prepare to take the full IS Core examination from ICCP.

You may attempt this exam as many times as you like.

You will get 100 questions randomly presented to you in 90 minutes.

Good luck

This sample exam consists of 115 questions.

You will receive 100 questions in 90 minutes as a timed test.

You can run the test as many times as you like, over and over again.

When you finish answering all the questions, you click on FINISH ATTEMPT - shown below the squares for questions on the left. This will show your attempts and at the bottom of the page you will click on "Finish and Score"

This exam covers the following major areas

  1. Technology Asset Management,
  2. Identity Access Management
  3. Security Assessment and Assurance/Advisory
  4. Open-Source Intelligence and Cyber Threat Intelligence
  5. Vulnerability Management
  6. Governance, Risk and Compliance
  7. Security Operations and Incident Response/Management
  8. Security Architecture
  9. Social Engineering
  10. Network and System Security
  11. Web Security

This is a 2 hour sample exam for students wishing to take the Information Systems Learning Outcomes examination during their graduation year from 2 and  4 year college programs.

It covers the core elements of those programs and many questions are scenario based.

Good luck.